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The 3Com NBX Product Line




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  3CR10800A NBX V3001 Analog IP Telephony Solution
  3CRBV3001VB NBX V3001 Value Package
  3CR10841A NBX V3000 Family Replacement Chassis FRU
  3C10245 NBX V3001 Family 512MB Memory Upgrade Kit
  3C10600B-US NBX V3000 Analog IP Telephony Solution
  3CV3000PWRB-US NBX V3000 Analog PoE Bundle
  3C10601A-US NBX V3000 BRI IP Telephony Solution
  3C10602A-US NBX V3001R Redundant System
  3CREADYV75 NBX Voice Ready Starter Kit
  3C10240 NBX V3000 Family 512MB Memory Upgrade Kit
  3C10118C NBX V3000 Analog Replacement Hard Disk FRU
  3C10241 NBX V3000 Analog Replacement FRU
  3C10241B NBX V3000 Analog Replacement FRU - Version B
  3C10242 NBX V3000 BRI Replacement Chassis FRU
  3C10208A NBX V3001 & V3001R Replacement Hard Disk FRU
  3C10243 NBX V3001R Replacement FRU
  3C10199A V3001R Disk Mirroring Kit
  3C10233 NBX V5000 256 MB Memory Upgrade Kit
  3C10207 NBX V5000 Call Processor Disk Mirroring Kit
  3C10209A NBX V5000 Replacement Hard Disk FRU

Expansion Chassis

  3C10605A-US NBX V3000 Four (4) Universal Card Slot Expansion Chassis

Gateway Modules

  3C10114C NBX 4 Port Analog FXO Line Card
  3C10116D NBX T1/PRI Card
  3C10117C NBX 4 Port Analog Terminal Card
  3C10164D-ST NBX BRI-ST Card
  3C10165C NBX E1 PRI Card - Rev C
  3C10165D NBX E1 PRI Card - Rev D
  3C10370 NBX 8 Port Uplink Card
  3C10390 3Com Legacy Link for Norstar 16-Port Gateway Card
  3C10391 3Com Legacy Link for Meridian 16-Port Gateway Card
  3C10392 3Com Legacy Link Analog FXS 16 Port Gateway Card
  3CRVG71112-07 V7111 24 Channels Analog (FXS) Media Gateway
  3C10283 3Com Legacy Link for Norstar 16-Port Gateway Device License
  3C10361 3Com Legacy Link High Density Analog Handset Gateway License


  3C10399A 3Com NBX 3100 Entry Phone
  3C10399B 3Com NBX 3100B Entry Phone
  3C10403A 3Com NBX 3103 Manager Phone
  3C10406A 3Com NBX 3106C Cordless Phone
  3C10407A 3Com NBX 3107C Cordless Phone
  3C10408A 3Com NBX 3108 Wireless Phone
  3C10401B 3Com NBX 3101 Basic Phone
  3C10401SPKRB 3Com NBX 3101 Basic Phone with Speaker
  3C10402B 3Com NBX 3102 Business Phone
  3C10402C 3Com NBX 3102C Backlit Business Phone
  3C10403B 3Com NBX 3103 Manager Phone
  3C10405B 3Com NBX 3105 Attendant Console
  3C10400B 3Com NBX Analog Terminal Adaptor FXS

Phone Licenses

  3C10410 3Com NBX Group 0 Phone License
  3C10411 3Com NBX Group 1 Phone License
  3C10412 3Com NBX Group 2 Phone License
  3C10415 3Com NBX Group 5 Phone License
  3C10282 3Com NBX Polycom Device License

Voice Mail Licenses

  3C10288 3Com NBX Voicemail One (1)-Port Automated Attendant License
  3C10326 3Com NBX Voicemail One (8)-Port Automated Attendant License
  3C10327 3Com NBX Voicemail One (20)-Port Automated Attendant License
  3C10317 3Com NBX V3000, V3001, V5000 Call Processor Device License
  3C10287 3Com NBX V3000 Family, V3001, V5000 System 125 Device License
  3C10387 3Com NBX V3000 Family, V3001, V5000 System 250 Device License
  3C10503 Single Site Upgrade to NBX R6.0 System Software License
  3C10440 3Com NBX ACD Three (3) Agent Upgrade License
  3C10441 3Com NBX ACD One (1) Agent Upgrade License
  3C10132 3Com NBX IP On-the-Fly Site License
  3C10316 3Com NBX pcXset x1 User License (unit-based license)
  3C10154 3Com NBX pcXset Site License
  3C10318 3Com NBX Media Driver Four (4)-Port 60-Day Trial License
  3C10319 3Com NBX Media Driver Single-Port License (unit-based)
  3C10329 3Com NBX Media Driver Site License
  3C10328 3Com NBX IP Virtual Tie Line Two (2)-Port License (unit-based)
  3C10277 3Com NBX VPIM Multisite Messaging Exchange Site License
  3C10279 3Com NBX 3rd-Party Messaging Site License
  3C10280 3Com NBX Complement Attendant Software (CAS) Site License
  3C10286 3Com NBX Call Record and Monitor Site License
  3C10475 3Com NBX Dial Plan Editor License
  3C10788 3Com NBX IP Messaging 1 Port Upgrade License


  3C10247 3Com NBX Wall Mount Bracket
  3C10444-US Spare Phone 500 mA 120V-24VDC Power Supply (Americas)
  450-0002-01 3Com NBX Replacement Handset
  3C10368 3Com NBX Replacement Handset 3 Pack
  3C10223 3Com NBX Telephone Power Splitter (12-pack)
  1730-020-002 3Com NBX V3000 Rack Mount Kit
  216-0038-12 3Com NBX 12 Foot Handset Cord
  216-0038-01 3Com NBX 6 Foot Handset Cord

Executive Assistant

  3C10450A 3Com NBX BrightArrow Executive Assistant Base Package License
  3C10452A 3Com NBX BrightArrow ExecutiveAssistant Basic Client License
  3C10453A 3Com NBX BrightArrow ExecutiveAssistant Advanced Client License
  3C10454A 3Com NBX BrightArrow ExecutiveAssistant Supervisor Client License
  3C10456A 3Com NBX ExecutiveAssistant Legal Module Server License
  3C10451A 3Com ExecutiveAssistant Record and Monitor Module Upgrade

Education Software

  3C10510 3Com Education Module Base Package License
  3C10511 3Com Education Module Add-On Package License
  3C10512 3Com Education Base Package for Multiple Schools on Single Server

eXchange Call Cntr

  3C10380 3Com eXchange Call Center Base Package
  3C10381 3Com eXchange Call Center Agent License - 5 Agents

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